“How many ways can an articulate alien analyse an animated robot?”



“Imagine  you have just landed on Earth.

You have come  from  a distant planet…

in a galaxy far, far away”

And you land here.


You blend       in!



Being a highly  inquisitive           species

you start some       Exploratory Research

(Exploratory Research is undertaken when few or no previous studies exist. The aim is to look for patterns, hypotheses or ideas that can be tested and will form the basis for further research.)

Some words  in a language you do not understand      appear on     the     glowing area        in     front      of you.

Robots Of Brixton

Robots of Brixton


Free write about what you saw for 5 minutes


Write down as much as you can about the

film you just saw. Describe it. Analyse it. Situate it.

Whatever first comes into your head. What did it may you feel/think about?

 Do not censor your thoughts.

Write continuously for 5 minutes without stopping.

If you get stuck just write down the same

word over and over and over and over again.

Through some waves that               you

find out  are called


you understand on Earth…

(Free Writing is the act of writing without

hesitating, and without self-censoring, accepting everything as it comes.                                       This can help writers get started and sometimes unblock writers who are stuck. The process can yield ideas too as the writer gives up control to some extent.                            It has precedents in automatic writing, employed by the Surrealists, but that tended to have connotations of spiritual interventions, literally ‘ghost writing’.)

The story continues in these documents.




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