New British Scuplture

New British Sculpture: Featuring the work of Mark Ingham, Rob Kesler, Sharon Kivland, Cornelia Parker,
Steven Pippin, John Plowman, Hermione Wiltshire, Julia Wood. published by Air Gallery 1986


Forked Tongue and Silver Spoon in his Mouth 1986 (Silver spoons and forks beaten flat)

Outside Installation Rosebury Avenue London UK


Air Gallery

Crossroads 1986 Radios, Cardboard, Maps, Clocks, Barbed Wire.



CREATIVE ACTS: Curating and Writing witli Artists

by Tracy WARR

 for her Ph.D 2006

She writes:

I. I New British Sculpture Show Commentary

I was the External Sites Organiser for this exhibition, which was one of the

first site-based art projects in the UK. Iwona Blazwick and I selected the eight

artists together. Each artist was commissioned to make one work for the

gallery and one for the vicinity of the gallery. I worked with the artists to

Identify external sites for their work and gained permissions, working in

co-operation with Islington Council and a number of other site owners.

Blazwick organised the installation of the gallery work and I was responsible

for the installation of the site work. (Warr 2005:105)


John Plowman [illus. 19] made a drawing on a pile of old washing machines on

a piece of v/aste ground, Cornelia Parker installed tiny sculptures on

lampposts, Steven Pippin turned a derelict building Into a pinhole camera,

Hermione Wiltshire re-textured and coloured an empty house, Sharon

Kivland took photographs inside the Italian Social Centre and exhibited the

photographs on the outside of the building, Mark Ingham Installed minature

sculptures In drains, Julia Wood’s work spread across the exterior walls of

the gallery and its neighbouring buildings – a block of flats and a school, and

Robert Kessler made a large wall work in a disused garage. (Warr 2005:105)

Full Text: WARR TK_2006 (1) PDF


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