Paradise in Peckham

Paradise in Peckham 

An Artangel  Trust project. 

Installation along the former Surrey Canal,

Peckham. 1985. 

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Artangel Trust Cover



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“…improbable, as, on entering the premises, a very the Paradise of Peckham.” 

Lyson gives the following account :—” On the of a small lake in the centre of a wood. Motives 

right side of the path, leading from Peckham to the most laudable, as before observed, induced the Nunhead, appears this building, environed with founder of this sequestered spot to give bread to 

wood. It has a singular appearance, and certainly many half-starved and wretched families; and, to 

the effect of a whim. Various tales are related of use the phrase of our immortal Shakspeare, ‘ // is 

its founder, but the most feasible appears his like the dew from heaven, and doubly blesses.’ If 

desire of giving employment to a number of from appearance we are to judge of the phrase, it 

artificers during a severe dearth. It is related he thrives indeed, and what was simply meant as 

employed five hundred persons in this building, assistance to a neighbouring poor, and stragglers, 

and adding to the grounds; which is by no means wretched and forlorn, is now, with all propriety, 

improbable, as, on entering the premises, a very the Paradise of Peckham.” 


One thought on “Paradise in Peckham

  1. Hello

    We have looked at your work and wondered how you created it. Are they ‘real’ apples? Did you climb up the tree and put them there or are they growing on the tree? Did you climb up the tree to put the house on it?

    Amber Class

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