“BoyPool”: Rhizome (1998-1999) 150cm x 100cm Pen and pencil on paper



Snap Crackle Pop: Rhizome
Ajanta: Rhizome
Drawing Rhizomes

Family Fortunes: Detail


Family Fortunes: Detail


Family Fortunes: Installation view.


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3 thoughts on “Drawings

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  2. Mark, I am a former art educator, current higher education faculty, and am working on my doctorate in education. My dissertation is looking at the journeys of art educators’ becoming (Deleuze). This will be investigated through a rhizomatic lens. Your drawings are not only pictorially perfect for the rhizome, but they also represent the concepts of the rhizome. When you step back and look, other images come to light. I would love to use these drawings in my presentation and my dissertation. Of course, I will credit you using APA citation. I would also be interested in learning more about your interest in rhizomatics.


    • Dear Suzanne

      I would be delighted for you to use any of my drawings, which have become more rhizomatic over the years since they were made! I guess the more I see that becoming deleuzoguattarian is even more important as an art and design educationalist, the more assemblage like they also seem to become?

      It would be great to read your thesis when completed as this is also a great interest of mine. I am collating art and design eduction books that reference Deleuze and Guattari.

      Good luck with the research.

      Best wishes


      Dr Mark Ingham
      Reader in Critical and Nomadic Pedagogies
      FRSA, SFHEA & UAL Senior Teaching Scholar
      Design School Teaching and Learning Innovation Lead
      London College of Communication/UAL
      Elephant & Castle
      London SE1 6SB

      Email m.ingham@lcc.arts.ac.uk

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