Some Lovely Questions, Some Lovely Answers

Social Language, Digital Media

A questionnaire I sent around the class. Thanks very much to those who replied, I am indebted to you.

This questionnaire looks mainly at digital media.

1. Name your favourite website and reasons why it is so.

2. (Without looking it up!) In what year was the first text message sent?

3. Name something you would swap your phone for?

4. If I removed your phone, laptop and tv for 24 hours, what would you do with your technology free day?

5. Why do you own your smartphone?

6. Recount an instance of when your smartphone came in handy.

7. Do you think smartphones are necessary for everyday life?

8. Does it matter either way? (shut up Sally, we like them, we have them, I’m bored of answering questions about smartphones.)

9. Name an important instance of how digital media has effected the subject you study.

10. Explain an instance…

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