Writing Exercise Re-View

Writing as Practice


CTS 2 option Writing as Practice

In the next two weeks you are to write a review of and exhibition, film, play or any ‘cultural event’ of between 200 and 500 words,. It must include images and can include moving images and links to other resources.

Reviews of this sort, as with a great deal of writing, are often divided into three distinction sections.

  1. The first section describes what the cultural event’ comprises of. The artist/designer/cultural producer, the venue the objects are described in enough detail for a reader to be able to understand what the cultural event’ is about. In this review you are to use as many images as you like, that are your own or from other reviews.
  2. The second section situates the work on display in a number of relevant contexts. This can be, but not limited to, historical, political, sociological and conceptual contextualisation. You can…

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