UCL’s Documentary Film Festival UCL

UCL’s Documentary Film Festival


UCL hosts the third edition of Open City Docs Fest in venues across campus and beyond, June 20-23.
This is London’s only documentary festival – a gift from UCL to our global city.

Bringing together some of the best filmmakers in the world and the researchers upon whom their films so often rely, the festival creates conversations in and around film.

The festival will screen over 90 films. The best will be judged by a jury chaired by actor turned documentarist, Jeremy Irons. He is joined by our own departing Provost, Malcolm Grant, and others from the world of film and academia.

Open City aims to be much more than a film festival. UCL academics introduce the films, provide screen notes for the audiences, chair post-screening discussions, and participate in numerous panel events. This year panels range from the future of copyright in the age of the internet to the challenges and rewards of studies that run across the life course, from 7UP to Birth Cohort studies.

You can visit our website for details of all events and booking arrangements

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