Write for The Artifice

The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. It operates independently with the writers collaboratively building and maintaining the platform.

Write for The Artifice


The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. We do not run The Artifice, you do. The Artifice is collaboratively built and maintained by your fellow writers.

Some of what The Artifice offers:
Exposure: The Artifice is structured to let you focus on the quality of the content while it deals with the exposure of it to an audience of millions.

Collaboration: Various features are available to establish a supportive and encouraging environment where the writers have the freedom to showcase their creative horizons with ease and without worry.

System: The platform is designed to reward you based on how you interact with it and its users. Once the system learns to trust you, you will be able to manage everything.

You could say that The Artifice has synthesized aspects of Wikis, Blogs and Forums in an original way. Hopefully, you will see for yourself when you participate and experience it!

Go to: http://the-artifice.com/write for more information on to how to participate.


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