SCOPE New Photographic Practices

Visual Art Centre Gallery, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

9 – 20 December 2011

Mervyn Arthur
Jordan Baseman
Bernd Behr
Sutapa Biswas
Veronique Chance
William Cobbing
Paul Coldwell
Cornford and Cross
Sarah Dobai
Lorrice Douglas
Neil Drabble
Lucy Gunning
Sigune Hamann
Thomas Haywood
Mark Ingham
Tania Kovats
Jean-Louis Lanteri Laura
Chrystel Lebas
Johanna Love
Anna Mossman
Martin Newth
Helen Robertson
Lois Rowe
Finlay Taylor
Danny Treacy
Chris Wainwright
Dave Webster

SCOPE New Photographic Practices is accompanied by a Camberwell Press publication, which features a new essay ‘Flow’ by Roger Hargreaves.

The photographic practices brought together for this exhibition and publication provide a broad scope of how photographic and lens based media may be used in order to have a visceral and conceptual impact. The methods on show demonstrate the way that artists might pick and choose from the approaches, processes and debates that have arisen through the medium’s history. This collection of work features film, video and photography that demand a renegotiation of the relationship between camera, subject and viewer.


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